HPT’s Social Media Guidelines

Social media have become well-established and are found all over.
HPT has also decided to actively participate in Web 2.0 communications. However, communication through social media necessitates certain rules in terms of courtesy, fairness, honesty and the law.

For this reason, HPT has formulated a set of social media guidelines intended to help employees ensure successful communication through social media. Experience shows that more and more HPT employees are contributing to social networking sites or commenting on articles about HPT.

HPT’s maxim is based on the exchange of knowledge with open, fair, factual communication and constant protection of trade secrets. Social media should be utilised in precisely the same way.

We therefore recommend the following:

1. Bear in mind our corporate values. Respect, tolerance, honesty and openness, as well as integrity towards colleagues, superiors and customers are stipulated in our mission statement and naturally apply online as well.

2. Speak for yourself. Official HPT statements and publications may only be publicised online by those authorised to do so. Official HPT information which has already been published by the Marketing department or the Management may only be independently shared if the source is quoted.

3. Be authentic and transparent. If you wish to comment on HPT, openly state that you work for the company. Accordingly, use ‘I’ instead of ‘we’ at all times and make it clear that your personal opinion and not that of HPT is concerned.

4. Keep confidential information to yourself. It is of particular importance that internal affairs remain internal. Avoid publicising any information of a confidential nature, as well as corporate secrets, both our own and those of our business partners.

5. Behave in a responsible manner. You are responsible for everything you make public. Should you be unsure, ask yourself if you would share this information with your co-workers, superiors or managers in person.

6. Treat others with respect. Pay attention to how you formulate what you write. Behave respectfully, remaining polite and factual. Refrain from including comments that are unrelated or offensive.

7. Be professional. You are accountable for the opinion you share on the Internet. This can be seen by superiors, (former and potential future) colleagues, (potential) customers, partners, bloggers and journalists and is irreversible. The consequences of imprudent comments can be difficult to estimate.

8. Be constructive. If you wish to express a negative experience you may have had with HPT or its business partners, be constructive, indicating how you feel things could be improved.

9. Protect our customers and business partners. Publicise nothing about (potential) customers or management without the express permission of those affected and their superiors. Our relationship with our customers is of the utmost importance and protecting their business must take priority at all times.