New standard tablet jar series

As a supplier of customer-oriented plastic packaging solutions for pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, HPT is constantly expanding its standard range.

So, supplementing the existing standard tablet jar series with another one was only a matter of time. During the developmental phase, particular focus was placed upon important market requirements in terms of functionality, machine capability and the feel of the overall packaging. The resulting tablet jar series comprises the six most common jar sizes in the market, from 35ml to 300ml; more jar sizes can also be added upon request at any time. Made of HDPE, with a thread dimension of 36mm, the jars can be filled with the majority of tablet sizes customary in the market.

Manufacturing companies that process this packaging will quickly notice that HPT’s development team has focused greatly upon thread interaction between closure and jar, so as to ensure ease of screwing on the cap after the filling process.

The child-resistant, senior-friendly, PP, 2-part tamper-evident closure is available with or without dehydrating agent.

At the end of every production chain is a consumer who will open this jar. With the development of this new Tablet Jar Series, HPT has ensured that the demand for functionality relating to the following areas is guaranteed in the best possible way for both the manufacturers and the end consumer:

  • Various jar volumes, allowing optimisation of packaging size
  • Good machine capability for both components
  • Improvement of filling material protection via influence of the microclimate
  • Insertion of a desiccant
  • Child-resistance to prevent unauthorised use by children
  • Tamper-evidence, allowing safety for first-time users
  • User- and senior-friendly design and application of both closure and jar

Additional information regarding this new packaging can be found in our specially created flyer.

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