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New logistic centre at HPT

New logistic centre goes easy on resources and protects the environment

It is well known that HPT Pharma Packaging can present numerous certified management systems and that the company does also live them.

The latest addition is the certification in accordance with ISO 50001 (energy management) which HPT had already completed successfully in Mai 2012 but which has however not yet been reported.

By complying with this standard the DQS GmbH (German association for the certification of management systems) confirms that the company records exactly and sustainably its energy consumptions and continuously plans and takes measures on energy saving whose results are being verified.

With these measures HPT is one of the first companies in the region around Neuhaus which complies with this standard. The considerable implementation effort involved was managed in the extremely short time of 3 months, which was possible only because the company has been certified since 2005 in accordance with ISO 14001 (environmental management) and because HPT has been dealing systematically with the subject of energy saving within this environmental management system for years.

The increased use of the latest energy-efficient plastics processing equipments, the optimization of the ventilating and filter systems of the clean rooms and the implementation of soft and hardware to measure and to control the energy flow are some examples how energy can be saved selectively.

The building and commissioning of the warehouse and logistics centre in Thomas-Mann Straße in Neuhaus am Rennweg also suit the subject energy saving. Already during the planning phase large attention has not only been paid to the energy-efficient construction of the newly-created 9.500 m² storage space with regard to a frost-free storage and the directly related lifecycle costs for the heating of the new building. Also for further investment decisions, such as choosing the lighting concept, the current state of the art was respected, i.e. by consequently using modern illuminants, such as LED technology, savings of about 30 % of the power costs could be achieved compared to the costs of the existing old building.

As a direct result of the commissioning of the new building also enormous savings regarding fuel costs due to fewer truck transports from and to the different outside warehouses could be achieved. Compared to 2012 the savings in 2013 will add up to about 27.500 litres diesel fuel, a fact which directly helps to protect the environment.

This investment was necessary to be able to continue the intended expansion path at the location Neuhaus in consideration of the increased capacities and quality requirements in the field of pharmaceutical storage. Because until 2012 HPT had to rent various outside warehouses in the immediate and distant surroundings of Neuhaus in order to meet the increased space requirements which could not be absorbed in the central warehouse until now – which has been already existing but which has operated at its capacity limits; for at its peak additionally up to 7.500 pallets had to be stored in contract warehouses.

Clear advantages of the new central warehouse with a total area of now nearly 17.000 m² are the local storage conditions which are designed for the storage of pharmaceutical packaging materials and the qualified and continuously trained staff.

This means on the one hand a further risk mitigation for our customers and on the other hand also a considerable and direct contribution to environmental protection.

During the first nine months since the commissioning more than 150.000 pallets have been turned over in Thomas-Mann-Straße.

This investment of more than 6 million euros which is extremely important for HPT demonstrates once again the long-term way of thinking of management and shareholders in order to ensure the location Neuhaus with its 230 jobs currently available (including 24 apprenticeship training positions) – all this under the aspect of sustainability, i.e. protection of environment and resources.