training at HPT

At the moment a total of 16 young people are working under an apprenticeship contract at HPT Pharma Packaging resp. are completing an integrated degree programme. They are exclusively trained for the own demand, adapted to the company-specific technologies and requirements.

Training possibilities at HPT:

  • Processing mechanic (m/f) for plastics and rubber technology (main focus: moulded parts)
  • Machine and system operator (m/f) (main focus: plastics technology)
  • Mechatronic engineer (m/f)
  • Industrial mechanic (m/f)
  • Technical product designer (m/f) (main focus: design)
  • Design draughtsman (m/f) (machine and systems engineering)
  • Tool mechanic (m/f) (mould engineering)
  • Industrial clerk (m/f)

One of the most exciting occupations requiring training at HPT is the processing mechanic for plastics and rubber technology resp. the machine and system operator (similar).

This is a three-year resp. two-year specialist training at HPT and the partners SAZ (training centre Sonneberg) – for additional courses outside of the company – and the vocational school Sonneberg. The apprentices become acquainted with up to five different methods of production, the training includes e. g. the programming of the ultra-modern machines (operation, pressure, time, temperature, movement and speed).

A high quality of the vocational training is assured by a training concept in which every apprentice is personally supported by a so-called apprenticeship mentor during the entire apprenticeship. At regular intervals practically-oriented internal knowledge checks take place – independent from the final IHK-examination (examination at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and the vocational school tests – in order to be able to intervene in time, if required.

In order to prepare the future qualified employees for their career in the internationally operating company a „regulars’ table for English“ for the apprentices of all occupational profiles has been taking place at HPT since October 2011. The vocational training is completed by in-house classes, intensive exam preparation and also team-building measures.

Industrial placement or taster day:

During work placements and „taster days“ applicants have the opportunity to get a deeper look at the offered occupations requiring training  – please make sure to gather information and to apply in good time!