Forian geniest das Angebot von Azuubi Katharina an der Obst- und Saftbar.

„Nutrition and health day“ at HPT on 16 November 2011

Do you eat right to provide all nutrients your body requires? Do you drink enough to cover your daily fluid requirement? The second „nutrition and health day“ at HPT Pharma Packaging on 16 November 2011 offered the employees a wide range of activities to improve their health awareness. This day was intended to motivate the staff to concentrate intensely on their nutritional behaviour, particularly during working hours. There were different points where to get useful information, training tips and join-in activities.

There was a fruit and juice bar providing free takeaway juices, fresh fruit and water for the whole staff.

Staff members of the IKK made health checks, they determined for example blood pressure, pulse frequency, blood sugar level, body-mass-index (BMI), body fat and cholesterol level and gave individual advice when warning signals occurred.

At the Crossboccia-Station they showed how to make breaks healthier in a very special way and in the shortest possible time. There was a chance to win a „drinking-coach“ – the small round „Smiley“-design drinking watch should help its owner to change his drinking behaviour fundamentally and to stop bad habits. Health experts of the BARMER GEK provided information and answered questions on the issue „drinking behaviour“.

In the company-owned fitness room you could attend classes on the subjects muscle building and weight reduction, Elisa Walter from the ROC-Team Gräfenthal provided the participants with additional valuable tips on the subjects nutritional supplement and nutrition.