Arab Health – The Number 1 MENA Region Event

Over 80,000 representatives and visitors from the medical and healthcare sectors were expected at the 38th Arab Health exhibition in Dubai, which took place from 28th-31st January 2013 in the International Convention and Exhibition Centre. This MENA region event is the biggest of its kind and the second largest in the world.

With 3,500 exhibitors and more than 7,000 conference participants, Arab Health provides a platform for leading global suppliers of healthcare, as well as for hospitals, medical suppliers and potential consumers. It paves the way for discussions about the future of global healthcare, which is one of the most popular investment markets in the MENA region. Numerous factors – including active investment measures and government initiatives – play a role in encouraging a structured policy and regulatory environmental measures for private sector growth.

These points will further supplement the development of the healthcare market in the MENA region. We are still seeing active growth in emerging countries, where exhibitions remain the focal point for interactions between buyers and sellers. Arab Health, therefore, sold out completely. This year, more than 200 new exhibitors were accommodated in the new Plaza halls, specially constructed to host Arab Health.

The main aims of Arab Health’s exhibitors are to generate new business and to develop new and existing relationships with the industry, as well as with the public and those with an awareness of brands. Arab Health’s audience changes and develops almost as indiscernibly as healthcare itself. The main topics for discussion at this year’s conference were measurements, robotic operations and supplementary healing methods; for the very first time, Arab Health also included a conference dedicated solely to diabetes.

For HPT, too, Arab Health was among the most important platforms regionally and globally for the newest innovations in health and for simultaneously advertising its contributions in the Near East. Both his highness, Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and the deputy sovereign and finance minister of the United Arab Emirates visited the exhibition on the second day. Bavarian State Secretary and MP, Melanie Huml, also visited and HPT welcomed her onto its stand with a few words.

Mandy Scheler (Sales Manager Asia / USA / Arab Countries)


Arab Health

Foto v.l.: M. Löffler, Frau Huml, Herr Dr. Sening